Community Outreach

Inwater Research Group is constantly working toward bringing education to the local community. One way we do this is by offering educational outreach presentations to groups and organizations. Let us enlighten your condo association on their sea turtle neighbors or engage the clients at your assisted living facility with a dynamic presentation. Don’t quite know what you’re looking for? Some common outreach requests that we receive include condo board meetings, tables/presentations at community events, hotel concierge presentations, assisted living facility presentations, and public lecture series. Feel free to ask about an event that you do not see listed. Email for special requests.

School Outreach

At Inwater Research Group, we are always looking for ways to bring what we do to the classroom. All of our outreach programs are attended by trained biologists and educators who will deliver an informative, interactive experience for your school. Please see below for more information on the types of outreach and presentations we offer. Don’t see what you’re looking for? Email for special requests.

Classroom Outreach

Lasting approximately 30-45 minutes, our sea turtle–based outreach programs will add a dynamic and engaging element to your classroom. Educators will bring hands-on artifacts including sea turtle skulls, shells, shark jaws, and much more.

Science Fair Judging

Looking for an objective eye? Few people are better qualified than those who use the scientific method on a day-to-day basis and who have an understanding of how it should be represented in K-12 student fairs.

Science Night

Want to add a biological element to your school’s Science Night? Invite Inwater Research Group and we’ll not only host an educational table with artifacts but we’ll present these artifacts in a 20-minute discussion on sea turtle biology.

Career Day

Let Inwater Research Group biologists come to your school and teach the students all about what it means to be a biologist. Discussions will include a glimpse into the world of biology and conservation through the use of artifacts, props, and video. Student interviews are also available upon request.

Virtual Field Trips

Ever wonder exactly what it is that marine biologists get to do on a daily basis? Join us for a virtual field trip that allows us a chance to show you first-hand. Students will watch a video of biologists on the beach, looking for and marking nests as well as excavating them. After the video, biologists will be available in real-time to answer student questions, as well as ask a few of their own.

* We only reach Martin & St Lucie Counties. Unfortunately, not all requests can be granted but we will try our hardest to accommodate your organization.