International Sea Turtle Ambassadors (I.S.T.A)

The International Sea Turtle Ambassadors Program (ISTA) is a unique global initiative dedicated to educating communities worldwide about the significance of sea turtle conservation. Our program is truly one-of-a-kind, bridging the gap between sea turtle research and community engagement by providing tailored educational materials and workshops to organizations already involved in sea turtle conservation.

The ISTA program is uniquely designed to be inclusive and impactful for all, catering to a diverse audience, including school children, families, adults, and local stakeholders such as fishermen. We recognize that sea turtle threats vary depending on the location, so our educational materials and workshops are tailored to address the specific challenges sea turtles face in each area.

The ISTA program will help organizations empower their communities with the knowledge and tools they need to become stewards of sea turtle conservation. Through education and outreach, we believe we can inspire a new generation of global sea turtle ambassadors who are committed to protecting these magnificent creatures for future generations.

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Amigos de Las Tortugas

*Spanish-speaking program available in U.S. only

Education plays a crucial role in sea turtle conservation, fostering understanding and empathy among communities. However, not all communities have equal access to this vital information. In Florida, the influx of immigrants from Spanish-speaking countries has created educational gaps, particularly in conservation. Our Amigos de Las Tortugas program aims to bridge these gaps by offering educational workshops entirely in Spanish, ensuring that all members of the community can learn about sea turtle conservation comfortably in their native language. We strive to create positive behavioral changes that directly benefit the environment by empowering individuals to become ambassadors for these animals.

This program is funded by Florida Power & Light through its charitable arm, the NextEra Energy Foundation, and the Sea Turtle License Plate Grant.

Program Details:

Duration: 90 minutes

Language: Spanish

During our workshops, participants dive into the world of sea turtles through a 30-minute interactive presentation. They explore these magnificent creatures’ biology, ecology, and conservation, learning how they can make a difference in protecting them. Following the presentation, participants engage in a hands-on activity where they assess the health of a realistic sea turtle model. Using real scientific tools, they make informed decisions about whether the turtle is ready for release or needs further care at a rehabilitation facility. This practical experience reinforces their learning and instills a sense of environmental stewardship.

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