Bringing sea turtle conservation to Spanish-speaking communities with our newly designed Amigos de Las Tortugas program. This program was created to educate Hispanic families who are underserved and underrepresented with the hopes they will modify their behaviors and spread awareness within their communities. In this program, we approach conservation in a language that is more accessible, increasing the likelihood of knowledge retention and information-sharing among their peers.

The Amigos de Las Tortugas program was originally designed to educate communities along the West Coast of Florida and has since expanded internationally. ECOMAR_UAgro, an organization dedicated to sea turtle conservation in Acapulco, Mexico, became our first international partner and has already made an unforgettable impact in their area. We are currently working to partner with other countries and hope to continue growing this program to reach more communities around the world.

Program Details:

Duration: 90 minutes

Language: Spanish

Overview: The workshop begins with a 30-minute scripted, interactive PowerPoint presentation where participants learn about the biology, ecology, and conservation of sea turtles and how they can help protect them. After the presentation, groups will work together using what they’ve learned to assess the health of a realistic sea turtle model. They will make inferences based on observations and use real scientific tools to determine if the turtle is healthy enough for release or if it needs to go to a rehabilitation facility for care. Seeing first-hand how scientists collect data and how those data shape conservation anchors their experience and ensures an increased sense of environmental responsibility. Contents for the program are housed in a wheeled trunk that includes all materials necessary to run through the workshop in its entirety.

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