Inwater Research Group has a deep-rooted dedication to education. Our responsibility not only lies in directly implementing conservation practices and studying marine life but also in sharing our findings with the public. We have the unique pleasure of being able to reach the community through myriad avenues including outreach programs, curricula requests, turtle walks, and so much more. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, please email with your questions.


 “I got to be a marine biologist.  That was awesome!”  -4th grade student, Allapattah Flats K-8

“Can we keep the kit?  This is awesome!” -6th grade student, Redeemer Lutheran School

“I presented lesson 1 to a 4th grade group that was SO into this lesson that I cannot even describe it. I have one student with Autism that thought today was the best day of his life! He was so engaged and asked so many questions, I was in my glory! They are all looking forward to another visit soon.”  -Stacey Zavala, Resource Specialist, Hamlin Charter Academy, CA.

“My students do not have the money to pay for a bus to go on a fieldtrip, and most have never had experience with marine life. This is one of the only ways that hands on learning about this topic happens. The children are truly captivated by this program, lessons are easily adaptable for each grade level.”
–Anonymous survey teacher

“Free programs like the ones offered by Inwater Research Group allow us to reach students from all backgrounds.  Here in Martin County, every child should know about sea turtles, ocean conservation, and how they themselves can make an impact.”
-Valerie Gaynor, Martin County School District Science Coordinator